Volunteer day creates all-weather sports surface
and new green space

25 April and 2 May saw the Friends of JKPS run two immensely successful and well attended volunteer days to improve the school’s outdoor provision.

In March, all children in the school had a project to sow seeds and watch them grow at home. On the first of our volunteer days we planted out all the seedlings – including snapdragons, pansies, tomatoes, and sunflowers – that they brought back into school, along with many other seedlings that parents had contributed. First we had to clear a quantity of overgrown ground from the allotment that the building’s caretaker created and tended for many years before we moved into Half Moon Lane. Some of the plants went into grow-bags and others into containers or straight into the soil. Children will water and feed the plants regularly and we hope that some crops will be ready by the end of term.

Yesterday we laid 500 sq. metres of all-weather matting and erected new fencing that roughly doubles the outdoor space available for our children. Around 20 parents, future parents (to whom a very warm welcome!), governors, and friends spent the whole day on this huge task, facilitated by New Leaf Educational Gardens. The cost of the materials and New Leaf was funded by a grant from Southwark’s Cleaner Greener Safer programme. Huge thanks to everyone who took part. We are especially grateful to community governor Ed John for organising the funding and logistics. It was fantastic to see so many willing helpers – a great sign that our school community is in rude health.

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