Ofsted Inspection

Inspectors from Ofsted visited the school for the first time in May 2015. They judged the school to be ‘Good’ overall and ‘Good’ in every component category. The school has continued to make progress and we are confident that our excellent and dedicated team of teachers and leaders will be able to improve the school’s performance further in the coming months and beyond.

Download Ofsted’s full report here.

Performance data

As a new school, Judith Kerr Primary School does not yet have a full set of performance data; these will become available after the children in our oldest year group take their Key Stage 2 tests at age 11 in 2018. The outcomes from Key Stage 1, Year 1 phonics screening, and the Early Years Foundation Stage can be viewed on Ofsted’s Data Dashboard.

A summary of the school’s status is also published on the website of the Department for Education. Please note that the information there is several months out of date.

 School attainment 
JKPS 2015-16 2016-17 National 2017
EYFS Good Level of Development 83% 82% 71%
Phonics Screening Year 1 Results 90% 92% 81%
KS1 Results Reading  Expected Standard 83% (40% Greater Depth Standard) 86% (32% Greater Depth Standard) 76% (25% Greater Depth Standard)
KS1 Results Writing  Expected Standard 83% (30% Greater Depth Standard) 84% (22% Greater Depth Standard) 68% (16% Greater Depth Standard)
KS1 Results Maths Expected Standard 83% (40% Greater Depth Standard) 90% (32% Greater Depth Standard) 75% (21% Greater Depth Standard)
KS2 SATS First KS2 results in 2017-18 R 71%, W 76%,  M 75%
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