Our mission

Picture of pupils

Photo: Claudia Leisinger

Our children need the skills, sensitivity, and character to navigate an increasingly complex and fragmented world and to create the opportunities they deserve for further learning, personal growth, and work.

At Judith Kerr Primary School we believe one way to help them acquire these skills is through language.

That’s why we formulated our mission as “Bilingual education for everyone.”

What do we mean by this?

Bilingual – we want all our pupils to able to use two languages well and be really comfortable across cultures. We know it’s not just about speaking languages, but also about being able to get a grip on other subjects more easily and to achieve more across the board.

Education – we give children an outstanding academic start in life. We set high standards. We encourage gifted pupils to develop their talents and make sure that no one falls behind.

We invite parents and our local community to collaborate with us and help us develop and grow.

We want all our pupils to develop into responsible citizens with well-informed, bold, enquiring and creative minds.

For everyone – we offer the benefits of bilingual education to everyone and strive to make them accessible to the whole community.


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