Message from the Headteacher

A warm welcome to Judith Kerr Primary SchoolPicture of Marta Correia, Head of School

I hope that through our website you will discover a community that helps and encourages every child to meet its potential, that offers a curriculum that is inspiring and relevant, challenging minds and raising aspirations, and that holds its values and mission at its core.

Our school’s distinctive curriculum offers a bilingual education to all. At Judith Kerr Primary School, we embed both German and English languages, cultures and traditions as well as promoting the fundamental British values through our daily life at school. We welcome families from a range of cultures and backgrounds, providing an inclusive environment where a range of learners accessing our bilingual curriculum can achieve well, academically, socially and emotionally.

Our school community – children, parents, staff, friends and governors – are justifiably proud of our school and its achievements so far and are all dedicated to supporting the school as it seeks to realise its vision. The passion and collaboration of all our stakeholders has led to a very close school community that works tirelessly to achieve the best for all children.

It is a real privilege to be the Head of such an extraordinary school and have the opportunity to work with such inspirational young people and truly dedicated staff, parents, governors and friends. I am committed to the bilingual mission and the ethos of the school, ensuring that children also develop their own interests and talents throughout their journey at Judith Kerr Primary School.

Marta Correia
Head Teacher

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