School lunches

planting_1412Free School Meals are available for all children who attend primary schools in Southwark. We are therefore able to offer your child school lunches every day at no cost to you.

Our caterers Servest prepare freshly cooked hot meals in our own brand new kitchen. Our menus are designed to be healthy and nutritious and includes a variety of options, including vegetarian.

If you prefer, you may give your child a packed lunch to eat in school. Please ensure that it contains a healthy balance of ingredients, for example a sandwich, some raw vegetable, and some fruit. Sweets and fizzy drinks are not permitted in school: please don’t include them in your child’s lunch box.

If your child has any dietary requirements, please tell us by email or inform the school reception desk.

Kindly note that because of the risks from nut allergies, nuts and products containing them are not allowed on the school premises.

Water bottles

Since we encourage children to drink adequately while in school, please give your child a named water bottle to bring in each day.

Free School Meals

The Government’s Universal Infant Free School Meals grant will pay for school lunches for all children from Reception to Year 2. In addition, Southwark Council will cover the cost of meals for all other primary school children – from Year 3 to Year 6.

Notwithstanding these valuable policies, it is very important for us to know if your child is entitled to Free Schools Meals, since the school can claim significant additional funding for teaching resources for your child. Please ensure that you tell us if you think your child qualifies.

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