Pastoral care

The care and development of children is our highest duty and central to our vision.

Our teaching staff are the key to realising our ideals. We have attracted a mix of exceptionally motivated and dedicated teachers who will bring varied styles and experiences into the classroom. They all share our values, ensuring good linguistic and cultural integration of all our pupils, and many have experienced bilingual education or bilingualism at some stage of their lives.

Children drawingWe create out-of-school opportunities for families to learn and practise their German language and join in the cultural activities children learn about in class.

While at school, children and staff can take a well-prepared, healthy meal, freshly cooked on the premises, and experience the social aspects of eating together.

We have a varied range of pre- and after-school clubs for supervised work and activities.

We want Judith Kerr Primary School to be respected for quality, admired for innovation, and liked for our friendly openness and participation in our local and national life.

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