How to apply for a place

This page is about how to apply to send your children to Judith Kerr Primary School. If you want to find out about our admissions policy, please read our admission rules here.


Each September we will admit 50 children into the Reception year.  (From September 2021, our policy will be to admit 56 children.)

We also currently have a small number of vacancies for the current Reception and other school years and are able to fill these during the year. The school controls its own admissions, so if you are interested in finding out more about moving your child to JKPS, please first contact us.

The main routes to apply for a place at Judith Kerr Primary School are set out below. For a full description of all the permutations, please consult our admissions process flowchart. Do contact us if you need any further information.

Open days for parents of children starting school in 2020

We will hold open days at school for parents and carers who will apply for their child(ren) to join Reception in September 2020 as follows:

Friday, 11 October 2019
Friday, 8 November
Wednesday, 18 December

All sessions will start at 10am and run for an hour. There will be short talks by the Headteacher and the Early Years Foundation Stage Lead, and a tour of the school.

Prospective parents are welcome at any session – no need to book a place.

Outside the admissions / open days season, please contact the school for information or to arrange a visit.

Applying for a place in the normal annual intake

Entry into Reception in September. Each year we will offer 50 places in Reception and parents will apply through the regular local authority channels, using the usual preference system. If you wish to apply, you must create and use an account with the London-wide eAdmissions system. This co-ordinates school applications across all London boroughs and Judith Kerr Primary School is part of this system.

If you have a child who is due to start school, your local authority will write to you in good time to remind you to apply for a place. The deadline for applications through eAdmissions is the 15 January before your child is due to start at school. The school does not require any Supplementary Information Form or “SIF”.

We will hold open days in the autumn term for the follow year’s admissions: please see above for details. If you are interested in applying for a place and unable to make an open day, please contact us during term time and arrange a visit.

Please note that we are strongly oversubscribed, and that it is important for you to name us as your first choice if you want to maximise your chances of receiving an offer.

If you do not receive an offer in the first round(s) of the admissions process, first of all, don’t despair! You should, however, make sure that you join our waiting list, otherwise you may not be considered for a place later in the admissions process.

Depending where you live, you may need to contact your local authority to confirm your place on our waiting list. We strongly advise you to contact the school as well, so that we can make sure your application is correctly processed.

Entry into school mid-year

We have vacancies in all year groups from time to time. If a vacancy arises we can either fill it immediately or, if there is a waiting list for that class, will make an offer according to our admissions rules. NOTE: the school is its own admissions authority and only the school is able to say whether there is a vacancy in any class. The local council does not have this information.

Please contact us directly with your child’s name and date of birth, together with your address and contact details. We will then deal with your application and tell you what else you need to do to take up a place.

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