For Parents

Children at workJudith Kerr Primary School is unique: the first state-funded primary school in the UK teaching exclusively in English and German.

Each year, we will welcome 50 four-year old children in two Reception classes of 25. At full capacity, Judith Kerr Primary School will have 350 pupils.

As an independent school within the state sector, we are able to harness teaching resources, experience, and culture from the UK and overseas to create an innovative and exciting school for your children. Excellence is at the centre of all we do: nurturing children’s development, academic outcomes, and contributing to the local community.

We want to open up opportunities for every child at JKPS:

  • Academic – early language learning stimulates learning in other subjects;
  • Personal – confident in at least two languages, your children will have more opportunities for secondary transfer, scholarships, or travel and exchange whilst at school. Further ahead, they will have access to a wider range of employments and locations;
  • Social and cultural – we’ll encourage all our children to become mature, open-minded, self-aware individuals with a proper sense of their role in society.

As parents choosing Judith Kerr Primary School, you will want to be confident that our school will give your children the great education they deserve.

Explore our website to see how we plan to achieve this.

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