Newsletter – 26 March 2013

Following the end of our statutory public consultation, we’ve collated the topics that most often came up in our public meetings and in the consultation survey (I hesitate to use the phrase ‘FAQ’) and have attempted to address them on a new page on our website here.

Whether or not you took part in the consultation, do have a quick look – there may be something to interest you there.

I can also give you an update about our location. We’re still not able to go public on this yet. However, we’re making progress: EFA and their agents are in substantive and detailed negotiations and we’re cautiously hopeful that we will have a solution shortly after Easter. Everything else is lined up: a green light on premises, as well as Basia starting as headteacher next week, will give us the impetus to move forward quickly across all fronts.

I plan to send another email next week and will of course give you any new information at that point. Until then, we wish everyone a very good Easter break.

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