Newsletter – 26 April 2013

I would like to use my second newsletter to give you some information about how Judith Kerr Primary School will be organised and managed.

Our school will be run very much like any other school – with a governing body representing a range of stakeholders, a full range of policies, and operational support from a variety of partners and supportive agencies. School governance might often seem a rather dry, bureaucratic activity, but it serves two central and equally important objectives: the quality of the education offered to children at the school; and the safety and well-being of those children, without which good learning is impossible.

Pupil welfare

Our children need to feel that they are in a safe and supportive place in order to learn. That is why the welfare of our pupils will be at the centre of school life, for example in:

  • The safety and security of the buildings and site;
  • The school’s approach to bullying of any sort;
  • Healthy eating and exercise;
  • The recruitment, vetting, and performance management of staff;
  • Welcoming and supporting children with all abilities and learning needs;
  • Being sensitive to children’s emotional needs and offering moral support;
  • Creating a pleasant, stimulating environment in the classroom;
  • Maintaining dialogue with parents to identify any emerging problems quickly;
  • Ensuring good discipline, with consistent sanctions and rewards.

Most of these areas will be set out in detailed policies and procedures (for instance, safe recruitment), and others call for a trusting and collaborative relationship with you as parents. The staff and I will be totally committed to ensuring that your children are safe, well cared for and fully engaged in their learning.

Governing Body

Governors at Judith Kerr Primary School will have a vital role connecting the school, the local community and CfBT Schools Trust (CST), who manage the school on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education. The governing body is also the board that will hold me to account for the school’s performance and act as a ‘critical friend’ of the management team.

The governing body will consist of:

  • Up to six Community Governors;
  • Two JKPS founder group Governors;
  • Two Parent Governors elected by the parents of children at the school;
  • One staff member, elected by staff at the school;
  • Myself as headteacher and ex-officio member.

The value of a school’s governing body lies in the knowledge, experience and expertise of its members. Through its governor recruitment and selection process CST hopes to attract people who will add to the collective skill set of the governing body, and who bring enthusiasm and commitment to their position.

We will shortly publish a more detailed description of the governor positions we wish to fill, and hope that some of you will wish to apply or suggest suitable local people as governors. Please refer to our website and newsletters for more information on the application process.

Chair of Governors

I am delighted to announce the CST has appointed Clive Adderley to be our first Chair of Governors.

Clive is currently Company Secretary of the CfBT group of charities and companies. In this role, he has led on the drafting of Funding Agreements with the Department for Education for all of CfBT’s academies.

Clive began his career as a teacher of German in primary schools. Following a change in UK government policy on primary language teaching, Clive moved into teaching English as a foreign language and worked as a teacher, teacher-trainer and programme manager in Germany, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Returning to the UK in 1991, he joined CfBT as International Director, delivering international aid projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In 2005, he moved to his current role, also managing a range of central departments.

Clive’s educational interests lie in the impact of the mother tongue on English discourse. He is a fluent German speaker and also speaks Malay and French. He was also a Trustee Governor of St Mark’s Academy in Merton for three years.

As the headteacher I will be in regular contact with Clive and the other governors as we develop Judith Kerr Primary School. I am very much looking forward to working with the new governing body as we build on a shared vision of bilingual education and excellent academic standards.


Schools have over 30 policies covering each curriculum area, admissions, recruitment, attendance, behaviour, a variety of welfare issues, special educational needs, and non-discrimination. Every one of our policies will be available on our website. The first nine can be downloaded here. Creating the remainder will be one of my and the governing body’s main tasks over the coming months.

I look to meeting many of you at our workshop tomorrow and to being in touch again before long. The workshop starts at 3pm and will take place at St John the Divine Community Centre, Frederick Crescent, SW9 6XN.

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