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At Judith Kerr Primary School the curriculum encompasses a wide range of learning experiences for the children. Children learn effectively through direct experience, and we offer opportunities for pupils of all ages to enhance their learning experiences by bringing the curriculum alive and making their learning more meaningful.

In the absence of Covid19 restrictions, we achieve this through well chosen curriculum visits, workshops and topic related days. Examples of these trips include visits to the Goethe-Institut, Science Museum and the Museum of Childhood. We also invite visitors to the school – authors, artists, professionals, or parents with a particular skill – who we believe will enhance the curriculum. We were also extremely privileged to have been visited by our patron, Judith Kerr.

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Guitar club

When Covid19 restrictions are not in place, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities for children. Some clubs operate pre-school opening times, others run after school. Some clubs, especially those involving sports activities, are specific to Key Stages and may take place at different times throughout the year. All clubs operate on a termly basis and children need to be enrolled each time in order to take part. These are some of the clubs we recently have been able to offer:

  • Performing Arts
  • Creative Movement
  • Musical Theatre
  • Dance Club
  • Drama Club
  • Street dance
  • Tag rugby
  • Karate
  • Yoga
  • Capoeira
  • German stories and film club
  • Chess
  • Singing
  • School Choir
  • Journalism
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