Funding approved for green space

Funding approval for all-weather play surface

It is wonderful to report that at this evening’s meeting, the Dulwich Community Councillors awarded the school £8,000 funding from the 2015/2016 Cleaner, Greener, Safer Fund. Huge thanks are due to our Headteacher, Claire, for her persistence and commitment to using the external spaces effectively. Thanks in equal measure to the councillors, Jane Lyons, Michael Mitchell and Anne Kirby, for approving the funding.

We will be working with the Council in the next few weeks to maximise the benefit from that funding and ensure that the all-weather surface for the green area playspace is installed as soon as possible. If we can save on installation costs by calling upon parent power, more funding will available for the surfacing.

Grasslok all-weather surface

We are presently looking at using Grasslok matting. The image below shows what Grasslok looks like. It will help to keep the grass vibrant and well as allowing the children to play outside when the weather would otherwise make the grassy area dusty on hot days or muddy and slippery when it’s wet.  It’s also safer for the children to play on and gives greater cushioning from falls. More detail is available from the manufacturer’s brochure.

Grasslok safety surfacing
Grasslok safety surfacing



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