Election Special

The country needs leadership, and it’s here, at JKPS

Candidates for PM

After the general election, as the UK ponders the shape of its next government, we can be sure the future will be brighter should any of the Judith Kerr Primary School children choose a career in politics. In today’s assembly, we held an election special during which children from Year 2 to Year 5 argued why they would make a great prime minister. Massive congratulations to the following children for delivering their speeches in front of the school:

Year 2 Sufiyan
Year 3 Zarah E, Elena, Aalia, Oskar, Simi, Raynon, Nathan, Joshua, Amelie, Simi
Year 4 Lotta, Maya, John, Clara
Year 5 Jeta, Emil, Theo

Their priorities for making our country a fairer and happier place included: introducing more renewable energy; better funding for the education, health, police and fire services; reversing Brexit; promoting science; introducing a 4-day week in schools; more free school meals; reducing the voting age; opening libraries; and…. allowing fidgets in class!

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