CONFIRMED: JKPS green space work day Saturday 2nd May

Work day date confirmed for Saturday 2nd May 10am-5pm

We now have a confirmed date for a volunteer work day at which the Friends, parents and indeed anyone willing to lend a hand will be:

  • installing new safety fencing to increase the useable area of the green space;
  • installing all-weather surface to creat an all-weather playing field for the school; and
  • working on the school’s vegetable patch and garden area.

Saturday 2nd May 2015 is now confirmed as the date for a new volunteer work day to help install the new heras fencing to and safagrass matting on the school playing field to make it suitable for all weather use. Our friends at New Leaf Educational Gardens CIC will be helping us again by providing tools, safety equipment, supervision and guidance, as they did in June and November 2014.  Please do put the date in your diaries if you are interested in helping out!

Grown-ups only, unfortunately

All adults are welcome, but unfortunately due to the ongoing development work on site, this time unfortunately and as required by the insurers, children will not be able to participate or be permitted on site while the work continues.

Safagrass matting

The Safagrass matting to be installed on the day will look (eventually) like the picture below.

Safagrass safety surfacing
Safagrass safety surfacing


Our fencing is Safesite’s smartweld anti-climb fencing which looks like the fencing below, but which will have added stabilisers and the “feet” aligned sideways to make it even safer. It will keep the play area secure whilst the mesh of the fencing has a bit of “give” so the children won’t hurt themselves if they bash into it and balls will bounce off. There will be two new secure gates to provide ease of access/egress to retrieve footballs (which will occasionally go sailing over the top).


We look forward to seeing you on the day!

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