Lasst uns Deutsch lernen

At Judith Kerr Primary School, we teach and learn German using various approaches. Similarly to English, we have integrated language sessions where the children learn about various topics in German, we also have language sessions using Talk for Writing approaches. In addition to this, we have regular German assemblies, music assemblies where we learn German songs and our German staff speak in German throughout the day.

Here you will find the German curriculum for the German language sessions:

We also encourage children to learn German at home by using our home-learning guidance and online resources using Duolingo:

Year 1 – Spring – Home learning
Year 2 – Spring – Home learning
Year 3 – Spring – Home learning
Year 4 – Spring – Home learning
Year 5 – Spring – Home learning

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Year 1 go to
Year 2 go to
Year 3 go to
Year 4 go to
Year 5 go to

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